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You’ve come to the right place.

Renters make up an increasingly large number of Baltimore City residents. And no wonder! Thousands of new rental units have opened in Baltimore in the past few years alone. Whether you choose to rent one of our famous rowhomes or a studio apartment, nearly every city neighborhood offers rental options.

Find your place.

If you’re looking for a rentals in Baltimore, there are a variety of places to find them.

  • Multi-family buildings are typically easiest to locate. Buildings with 100 units or more can be found on our apartment map.
  • Craigslist is often a go-to for individual landlords to list their single-family rentals.
  • In many neighborhoods, hitting the streets and spotting “For Rent” signs can be the best way to happen upon your next home sweet (rental) home.

Check out a sample of Baltimore’s hottest apartment properties:

Many real estate agents also show rental properties. Consider working with a real estate agent to gain access to single-family properties listed through the multiple list service (accessible only to agents).

Pack it up.

Finding a home is half the battle. The other half is getting that couch through that doorway in that historic third-floor walk-up.

  • If your friends suddenly have plans on your move-in weekend, there’s nothing wrong with hiring the pros. Do be sure to follow best practice advice when hiring a moving company.
  • Many apartments that offer short-term leases also offer short-term furniture rentals. Inquire with your building concierge and you could move in with just a suitcase.

Settle in securely.

Only you can insure your personal belongings. If your property is damaged while renting, it’s not likely to be covered under the policy of the building owner.

  • Consider rental insurance to cover both your belongings and temporary relocation costs.
  • Protect your guests by insuring them against injuries at your rental.

Choose your lifestyle.

Still deciding whether to rent or buy? Weigh your options by answering three simple questions.

  • Owning a home may be more affordable than renting in some Baltimore City neighborhoods. Find estimated rent and mortgage costs on neighborhood profile pages.
  • New to Baltimore? Renting is a great way to try out different neighborhoods before committing long-term. Find apartments by neighborhood on our interactive map.

Seek rental assistance.

If you are a senior, low-income, or disabled, the Maryland’s Rental Tax Credit may provide financial assistance.

  • Applications for this tax credit are due by September 1 and must be renewed each year.
  • Terms, conditions, and specific eligibility criteria apply. Be sure to read all program requirements carefully.

Check out the locals.

You never know who you’ll live next door to in Baltimore—a storied musician…a shop owner…Michelle Obama’s portrait artist! Get a taste of the people you’re likely to meet on your block.

  • In addition to locals’ video stories, read about residents’ experiences in our blog.
  • Connect with Neighborhood Ambassadors on neighborhood profile pages.
  • Once you’re settled, return the favor by becoming a Neighborhood Ambassador yourself. Sign up in your profile.
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