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Baltimore Drum Church is a live, group drum meditation experience.  The drum serves as a vehicle to connect us with the divine spirit that is inside all of us.  Our Gatherings offer an opportunity to think, meditate and pray in your own way while flowing on a group rhythm wave to awaken a connection to your Higher Self and connection to the universe.  Baltimore Drum Church is not a “drum circle,” but a guided journeying experience created through communal drumming. No drumming experience is required to participate.

Drum Church is BYOD: Bring Your Own Drum, if you have one. If not, a limited number of drums and percussion instruments will be available.

Eric Willison (left) and Molly Spzara (right) running drum church meditations.
Event Donations Made Easy
Event Donations Made Easy

Frequency is rhythm and rhythm is frequency.  Baltimore Drum Church combines specific wavelengths of light, pure audio tones and drum rhythms to create vibrational resonance with your body’s energy.  Through this unique meditative drumming experience, you will discover yourself like never before while journeying upon trance rhythms as a community.

Your journey begins here.

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