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Baltimore Drum Church has become to a traveling meditation event.  Since the COVID 19 pandemic, BDC no longer hosts monthly brick and mortar events in Roland Park. However, you can bring Baltimore Drum Church to your community, event, festival or organization.  Baltimore Drum Church can deliver up to a two-hour program in both indoor and outdoor environments.  Thus, Baltimore Drum Church programming is perfect for outdoor festivals, breakout sessions, seminars, spiritual retreats, and private commissions. Additionally, we even have our own PA system and livestream setup that can provide programing to a large audience or virtual audience. Contact info found in our webpage footer.

About Baltimore Drum Church:

Eric Sterling Willison and Daveed Korup
Co-Founders Eric & Daveed of Baltimore Drum Church

Eric Sterling Willison, Daveed Korup and Molly Szpara co-founded Baltimore Drum Church in the Spring of 2016.  This collaborative effort stems from Eric’s shamanic writings, teachings, and meditations infused with Daveed’s Tao Te Drum l lessons and Molly’s yoga and meditation practices.

Molly Szpara
Molly Co-Founder

In the spring of 2018, Daveed Korup moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in the Fall of 2020 Molly Szpara, moved to California. Both Daveed and Molly still participate in virtual Drum Church livestream sessions, however, Eric solely performs the live program in the Baltimore/Washington area.

Image of our 1st Baltimore Drum Church @ Baltimore Yoga Village. 

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